G.I.B.A.M. Mission

1. No Child / Family Should be Hungry
NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE should have to wonder where their next meal should come from. Food is for energy to soothe the mind, body, and soul. If you do not have the necessary nutrition to operate in everyday life you are already at a disadvantage. We will work to help fix the world hunger issue but first starting in America.

2. Shelter for Homeless and Approved Families
How can you focus on improving your situation when you are not sure where you will live day to day, week to week, month to month? These things can eat at someone's well-being, especially for those who have others they have to care for. It pains us to see, some taking shelter in the most unlivable places just to find warmth from harsh conditions that no man can control. I ask myself, what else are they to do except take what they are given and try to move forward daily life.
We plan to help end the no-shelter issue. Every human should have a bed to sleep on every night, whether good or bad.

3. Health/Dental Care For Approved People and Families
Hygiene and health is an important key to life. Every component in our bodies are important and if we are having issues with no care, we may end up cutting our lives shorter than anticipated. We believe all should have basic health care. Although it's a tall task to cover, it's possible. We will extend this offering outside of the organization to those who need it most.
Along with health, dental care for the mouth is important as a rotten mouth can stir many people away and can cause infections that can be life-threatening. It can be seen as cosmetic but most who can't afford it need it more than others. We will offer to certain individuals in need free care.

4. Hired Community Work for the Unemployed
Our streets are dirty, people need direction going places, our elderly or less fortunate need help just to make things easier for them. There are so many tasks that can be done daily that will help put smiles on people faces and make them feel loved. No worries of being attacked, hustled or taken advantage of just because they are not familiar with the area or they are considered weak to the average person.
Every day people standing around not doing anything. We all can play a role if we very well please but to those who may need an incentive to do these things we will be happy to help if they are happy to help.

5. Teacher Stipends for the Future Leaders of the World
Some people in life are made to teach/coach and most of those people already know who they are. They get an unexplainable joy when they teach another individual something new. Many of these gifted teachers find themselves doing all types of other jobs because they cannot live off of their teacher income! Just imagine a world, where these gifted teachers are paid what they are deserving to only teach, and teach well. To care for every student in their care to be the best they can in whatever subject the teacher is teaching.
Our future is in the hands of the youth. Their minds are able to take in more knowledge than ever with the technology age we live in. The teachers will be able to completely focus on their curriculum and teach them the knowledge and lead them towards what the real world through a lesson that emulates experiences. Only the gifted teachers can do this and we need more of them.

6. Numerous of Grants/ Scholarships
Those gifted students shall be rewarded. The ones who have a clear goal in mind, but they might not be a star athlete. They might not have the highest IQ. They might not test the best. They might not come from the best families. But they know what they want in life, and they are making the necessary steps to obtain their goal. These students deserve a chance to succeed! We want to give them a chance to succeed!

7. Numerous Careers Workstations/ Workshops for the Future Leaders
Great are those who are young and have deep passions and interests for they want to be in life! We should encourage them to continue to strive for their goals.
One thing we have realized doing the goals/dreams college tours, is most of the young leaders do not know what they want in life. They have no idea where to start. We need highly successful, influential, individuals in every career field who are able to work with us and find a way to reach our future leaders to try a trade or career if they are not sure. We give them options, guide them, and eventually, they will find their calling.

8. Schools for the Future Leaders of G.I.B.A.M. Foundations
We hope to continue to build on the foundation. To be able to have our own schools for the bright, future leaders and predecessors to continue to grow until they are ready to lead people in doing right. The school will teach them more than academics, it will teach them to be influencers, philanthropists, philosophers, and advocators to lead the world and help make a difference. These young individuals will be the new officials when ready.

9. Entrepreneur Workshops for the Future Leaders of the Nation
More entrepreneurs, means more self-sustaining business, more jobs, more opportunities, and more people inspiring others to be self-sufficient. The future entrepreneur's workshops will need those who are gifted in the field of business. We need passionate businessmen and women to help come up with great workshops, for the future leaders, and train them to become gifted business owners. We teach them the basis and guide them to become profitable entrepreneurs. We will give them small business ideas to run with as projects and the goal will be to make it profitable.

10. Numerous of Festivals, Shows, and Entertainment For All Ages
The social aspect of life has gone to phones instead of physical presence. It is killing us and making us less involved with each other on a face to face basis. We need more events to help bring people together. Especially for our youth! We do not want them to depend on entertainment from there phones and tablets. They do this at home. We want to encourage people to bring out their families to these festivals and have a great time. Eat, drink, music, games, and entertainment all in one place sponsored by the Foundation.

11. Hired Community Protectors for impoverished Neighborhoods
This task in itself is an important job and must be taken seriously. By taking an oath to do good and use this authority as a position of peace. We will look to build an operational plan to make sure this works. We need highly trained veterans and military leaders to help with this cause.
Our communities are in shambles because of the underground drug networks and local wars within the communities. Good citizens are frightened. They stay in the house and do not leave due to living their lives in fear. Companies know this and capitalize by having everything delivered and high rates. Most of these brave warriors in their communities come from or have grown up in the underground scene and want to do right for their communities. We want to give those who want to change the scope of their communities an opportunity to police their own communities and have the authority to do so.

12. Free Clinics For Addictions, Depressions, and other mental health Issues
Yes, we all are battling issues. We all have something holding us back from our destiny. We all have a past, but we cannot let our past determine our future. With so many students studying the field of psychology, it is obvious we need more therapists to open up to. It is okay to need to talk to someone about your problems and in most cases, it is the best way to find a root to the problem holding you. We need to establish free therapy sessions for those in need. We will look to partner and establish our own facilities for those who need someone to talk to can come in, completely confidential and speak their peace. Approved families and those who cannot afford therapy will be permitted to these free sessions.
Addictions, usually come from trying to find something to cope with the mental health issues an individual is facing. Thus, they turn to drugs, prescriptions, alcohol, overindulging in sexual relations, or any habitual stimulant that causes a moment of pleasure but doesn't fix the problem. Although all of these things are not completely bad when it is abused. Only when you become a slave to it, it is considered an addiction. Some people have gone to the point of no return. Only One that can save them is God. But as humans and to care for them is our duty to each other. We will look to provide free re-habilitations time for those who are in need. Approved families and individuals will be permitted for this treatment.

13. Other Youth Activities and Events we deemed vital
Youth camps, Tournaments, events, and other sponsorships that will be funded by us. Some events may be invite only and others we will encourage the community to attend. Our activities will be centered around sports and entertainment. We will encourage higher education students within the field to work the events and gain the experience they need before entering into their career.

* Not subject to any order. Tiers of 10-50% of profits over time will be used to fund the mission.