G.I.B.A.M. Mission

  • 1. No Child / Family Should be Hungry.

  • 2. Shelter For Homeless And Approved Families

  • 3. Health/Dental Care For Approved People and Families

  • 4. Hired Community Work For The Unemployed

  • 5. Teacher Stipends For The Future Leaders Of The World

  • 6. Numerous of Grants/ Scholarships

  • 7. Numerous Careers Workstations/ Workshops For The Future Leaders

  • 8. Schools For The Future Leaders of G.I.B.A.M. Foundations

  • 9. Entreprenuer Workshops For The Future Leaders Of The Nation

  • 10. Numerous of Festivals Free Food and Entertainment For All

  • 11. Hired Community Protectors for impoverished Neighborhoods

  • Our communities are in shambles because of the underground drug networks and local wars within the communities. Good citizens are frightened. They stay in the house and do not leave due to living their lives in fear. Companies know this and capitalize by having everything delivered and high rates.  Most of these brave warriors in their communities come from or have grown up in the underground scene and want to do right for their communities. We want to give those who want to change the scope of their communities an opportunity to police their own communities and have the authority to do so.

  • 12. Free Clinics For Addictions, Depressions, and other mental health Issues