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G.I.B.A.M. Mission

  • 1. No Child / Family Should be Hungry.

  • 2. Shelter For Homeless And Approved Families

  • 3. Health/Dental Care For Approved People and Families

  • 4. Hired Community Work For The Unemployed

  • 5. Teacher Stipends For The Future Leaders Of The World

  • 6. Numerous of Grants/ Scholarships

  • 7. Numerous Careers Workstations/ Workshops For The Future Leaders

  • 8. Schools For The Future Leaders of G.I.B.A.M. Foundations

  • 9. Entreprenuer Workshops For The Future Leaders Of The Nation

  • 10. Numerous of Festivals Free Food and Entertainment For All

  • 11. Hired Community Protectors for impoverished Neighborhoods

  • 12. Free Clinics For Addictions, Depressions, and other mental health Issues